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What are Pilot Wings?

Since the dawn of aviation, pilots have worn a symbol of their accomplishments and expertise: the coveted pilot wings. These iconic badges, often referred to as “aviation wings,” have a rich history and profound significance within the aviation community. From the early pioneers of flight to modern-day aviators, pilot wings have served as a tangible representation of a pilot’s qualifications and achievements.

In recent years, pilot wings have transcended their traditional association with the aviation industry and have found a new and unexpected role in non-aviation-related businesses. As a symbol of achievement, recognition, and expertise, these iconic badges have been adopted by various industries to honor their employees’ or customers’ accomplishments. With unwavering precision and an appreciation for aviation’s rich traditions, pilot wing manufacturers play a vital role in bringing these insignias to life.

Know more about pilot wings and how they are being used today.
An Emblem of Skyward Mastery

airforce wing

What are Airforce Pilot Wings?

Air Force Pilot Wing are badges given to recognize ranks and training completion. Having one is a source of pride for aviation enthusiasts. The iconic designs in these badges typically comprise a wreath, a star, or a shield, in between a pair of eagle wings. 

From its prestige history as a badge of honor, pilot wings can now be seen in logos, trophies, medallions, and memorabilia from entities within and outside the aviation industry. Apart from the official badge, you can find the iconic design in the logos of aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and aviator associations. 

Who can wear the Air Force Pilot Wings?

The privilege of wearing the official Air Force pilot wings is reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication in aviation. These wings are awarded to individuals who have completed the demanding training regimen required to become a certified pilot in the Air Force. These wings are more than a mere badge; they are a tangible representation of the tireless effort invested in honing the craft of flying.

Custom Pins Inspired by Air Force Pilot Wings

Beyond the realm of official recognition, custom pilot wing pins serve as a way for aviation enthusiasts, supporters, and even aviators themselves to showcase their passion for flight. Manufacturers of custom pilot wings modeled them after the design of official pilot wings, allowing individuals to wear a piece of aviation history close to their hearts. 

Recently, custom pilot wing pins have found widespread applications beyond the traditional aviation industry. Corporate companies, virtual and gaming communities, and education and training programs are just some of the various businesses that use custom pilot wings to recognize achievements, acknowledge expertise and promote a sense of belonging among their members or employees.

How To Take Care of Your Custom Pilot Wings Pins

Plastic is a popular choice of material for customized pilot wing pins. Apart from being lightweight, customizable, and durable, it is also cost-effective and produces a wide range of color options and finishes. Taking care of plastic pilot wing pins is essential to ensure their longevity and appearance.

Here are some tips to take care of your custom pilot wing pins:

Handle with Care – Be gentle and avoid bending or twisting when handling your plastic wing pins

Clean Regularly – Dust and dirt can accumulate on the pin’s surface over time. Clean the plastic wing pins regularly using a soft, lint-free cloth or a cotton swab lightly dampened with water.

Keep Away from Heat – Store your plastic wing pins in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Check for Loose Components – Some plastic wing pins may have moving parts, such as clasps or backings. Ensure that these components are secure and functioning correctly.

Prevent Scratches – Store your plastic wing pins away from other jewelry or accessories that could potentially damage them.

Custom Pilot Wings-Inspired Pins That Speak Your Brand

Discover the perfect embodiment of your passion for aviation with meticulously crafted custom pilot wing pins. 

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