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Plastic Pilot Wing Pins

Keepsakes For Kids (of All Ages)

Custom Imprinted Pilot Wings

Promote your message and your brand with your imprint on each wing

Preprinted Graphics

Choose from stock items pre-printed and ready for takeoff

Pre-Printed and Custom Pilot Wings Manufacturer

Let your message soar to new heights! At Pilot-Wing, we manufacture bulk pilot wings that can be custom-designed or pre-printed.  We understand the significance of making a lasting impression at business events and trade shows, or with those onboard your journey.

Our commitment is to provide high-quality pilot wing pins that anyone would feel proud to receive.

burgess gold custom pilot wing
soaring to new heights pilot wings

Your Trusted Supplier of Plastic Pilot Wing Pins

We use high-quality materials and processes to produce long-lasting, beautifully crafted pilot wing pins. Even our least expensive wing uses the same screen-printing specifications used to make quality award jewelry.

Why Choose Us

Whether for fund raising, for promoting an organization’s message, or thank someone for their participation, you need a reliable source for imprinted pilot wing pins in bulk. Our team works with you to understand your objectives and provide a pre-printed or custom-designed pin to meet your need.

Pilot wing pins are symbols of pride, hard work, training and milestones.  Pilot-Wing is dedicated to producing products that embody these qualities.  Being world leader in making pilot wings, we find its more than just business.  It’s a mission fueled by our desire to help our customers express their identity and connect using a powerful legacy product.

silver avro bulk pilot wings
curtiss gold custom pilot wing

Features of Our Pilot Wing Pins

We take pride in crafting pilot wing pins that symbolize the spirit of aviation excellence. Our products are deigned to meet each customer’s unique needs and preference, with lots of customization options to allow for branding and style.

Here are some of the the features you can expect when you purchase from us:

We provide world-class customer service for all your concerns and inquiries.

Discover why pilot-wing is a go-to supplier of plastic pilot wing pins.

Experience the Pilot-Wing Difference

You’ll find that our products are super high quality.  No need to worry that your pins will look cheap or junky.  We also offer lots of options for pre-printed and customized items, so you have a range of design options and prices.  In addition, you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines because we have a proven track record and understand nearly all our customers have an event date in mind.

Place Your Order Now

By placing your order today, you’ll be one big step closer to having high quality pilot wings on hand to help you promote your aviation message.  So why wait?

Other Items

Custom imprinted pilot wings still making memories 50 years later

Many of us remember getting wings when we first stepped aboard that flight when we were eight. Some of us still have those wings. It’s amazing how much of an impression these wings can make.